Prevail Marketplace


As a starting farmers market, Prevail Marketplace was looking to build a website and digital presence to legitimize their business, bring in vendors, and create partnerships with local venues and parks in order to setup events.

What we've done

1. Brand exploration

2. Web design & development

3. Product photography

4. Print design

5. Digital marketing

How our solutions helped

By providing a high quality website and consistent branding across all media channels, Prevail Marketplace was able to create agreements with local venues, companies, and parks in order to prepare events, receive funding, and bring in a larger amount of vendors. Digital and print marketing helped bring in a large amount of new visitors at unique locations benefiting Prevail Marketplace as well as nearby vendors and businesses.

The goals we achieved

— A professional website design for legitimacy

— A consistent advertising and media presence in order to raise brand awareness


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