Stepping onto the esports stage as a young organization, Resolve wanted to set a high standard and fill a niche in the market focused on individual player development and growth. Having to start from scratch meant there was plenty of work to do, and plenty of freedom to work with. From logo, social media assets, web design, jersey design, and even in game skins we were able to provide a full set of services and products to help grow Resolve into a strong young esports organization in the UK.

What we've done

1. Brand exploration

2. Customer research

3. Logo design

4. Digital media design

5. Web design & development

6. Merchandise design

How our solutions helped

In the first two years of their existence, Resolve grew their brand to be recognized within the UK esports scene and partnered with large organizations including the likes of Williams F1. They expanded into multiple esports, having multiple fully staffed rosters in multiple games.

The goals we achieved

— A young exciting brand to break into the esports scene

— Digital media to grow social media and online presence

— Web design that drew in potential investors and fans of the team

— Online merchandise store that allowed for partnerships and sales of team branded products

— Assets created to represent the brand in-game


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